About Kartik Thapliyal

I am kartik thapliyal a Delhi based Cinematographer, I found my love for films and its process in a very organic way. A special love for photography was always there, seeing my father work in his dark room and watch the progression of film development have been like nascent memories.

Sneaking around at my Father's studio had been part of my hobby. All of that inquisitiveness turned me into a cinematographer.

In a decade long career I have had plethora of life experiences. From crazy travel schedule to magical cultural bonanza, helped me explore life through this medium. It changed me as a person as I started live with characters/subjects so closely for days that some part of them also touched my life. Every time working with different directors also helped me to nourish my craft and skills. Some of them have been great teachers to me I love reading and exploring new technologies.

My approach to subjects is observatory which helps me to capture real emotions. My years of experience in the industry have taught me how to produce quality material on the tightest of schedules and in difficult shooting conditions.

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Eventually, I think cinematography for every culture is a way to explore different stories, different ways of also delivering a story.